Focused On Family Law

Divorce is one of the most difficult times in an individual’s life. Divorce and related family law matters, including child custodypaternity, and even prenuptial agreements can be extremely stressful. These crucial times in a person’s life raise many serious legal questions. The law endeavors to create a fair outcome for all sides in a family law dispute, but often you need a strong, knowledgeable advocate on your side to help protect your rights.

The Law Office of Serena Carroll focuses solely on protecting our clients’ rights in any family law matter. Unlike many law firms, our office does not dabble in other areas of the law. We are passionate about family law, and it is all that we do. We understand the difficult emotions that come with – and sometimes drive – many family law matters. Seasoned in family law matters of all sorts, Serena Carroll has a thorough understanding of your legal options and can quickly advise you on the course of action that makes most sense for you. We strive to make ourselves available for our clients whenever there is a need.

The Right Solution For You

Experienced at mediation, Serena Carroll works to resolve disputes informally where possible, as this often helps manage costs, limit acrimony, and speed matters toward resolution. But where it is necessary, Ms. Carroll is a strong advocate for her clients in court. No matter what the circumstance, preparation is key, and Ms. Carroll will take the time to personally understand all aspects of your situation, thoroughly investigate all relevant facts, and consult with experts and investigators as necessary to make sure that your full story is set forth.

Divorce and other family law matters do not lend themselves to a one-size-fits-all approach. Ms. Carroll applies a holistic approach to family conflicts, working to understand all forces at play in each situation. While she is experienced in highly complex divorces, Ms. Carroll also works to help spouses mediate their own divorce settlements. She also provides consultations to those who seek to file and manage their own divorce. Even a short-term marriage or relatively amicable divorce can raise important legal questions, and Ms. Carroll is there to provide the right solution for your situation.

An Experienced Advocate

For over a decade, Fort Lauderdale Family Lawyer Serena Carroll has represented individuals in a broad range of family law matters. Having worked as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida, and later in private practice, Ms. Carroll is a skilled advocate in negotiations and in the courtroom. Ms. Carroll is approved by the Supreme Court of Florida as a certified family law mediator, and certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a guardian ad litem, representing the interests of children and those who are incapacitated. Ms. Carroll has an in-depth understanding of all sides of the family law system, and her experience and commitment to family law issues is an asset to each one of her clients.