Fort Lauderdale Wills Attorney

Your will is the document you create that transfers legal ownership of your assets and property upon your death. It also is used to dictate to will obtain guardianship of any minor children. Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever make and also one of the most difficult. There are many decisions that need to be made and experienced Fort Lauderdale Will Attorney Serena Carroll can explain all of your options.

It is very important to have a will in the state of Florida. Should you die without one, your property will be distributed according to “intestacy” laws. This means that your property will go to your spouse and children. If you do not have a spouse or children, your property will go to your parents or closest relatives. The list of relatives will grow increasingly distant until it is determined that you have no living relatives by blood or marriage. In that case, your property will go to the state.

There are several requirements for making a will. You must be at least 18 years old or an emancipated minor. You need to know what a will is, know that you’re making a will and understand your relationship between yourself and your potential beneficiaries. Serena Carroll can help you select your beneficiaries and create the best possible plan for your family.

In your will, you must appoint a guardian for your minor children, list the beneficiaries for specific assets and state what will happen to any remaining property not specifically mentioned. You will also need to appoint an executor who will be responsible for supervising your division or property and making sure all your debts and taxes are paid.

Is is very important to understand that there are tax implications involved when leaving items to family members. If you choose to leave your house to your child, you may be leaving him or her with a large tax burden that needs to be paid. An experienced Fort Lauderdale Will Attorney can help explain the different inheritance and gift laws applicable to your will so that you can make the right decisions for your loved ones.

Lastly, in order to finalize your will in Florida, you have to sign you will in front of two witnesses, and then your witnesses must sign your will. You are also responsible for keeping your will updated should your plans change after you originally create the document. You will save your family and loved ones a lot of confusion if you have a proper will in place. Contact Serena Carroll at 954-525-2050 to speak with a Ft. Lauderdale Will Attorney.