Fort Lauderdale Probate Lawyer

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard. Even though you’re grieving, there are still matters of settling your loved one’s estate. Although it may be difficult, completing this process can give you the peace of mind that your loved one’s wishes have been honored. Probate Law can be complicated and many of the legal issues involved may be unfamiliar to any non-attorney trying to handle the estate. Experienced Fort Lauderdale Probate attorney Serena Carroll from The Carroll Law Firm can guide you through the Probate process with compassion and advise you on your rights and duties under the law.

Probate is the process of identifying and gathering the assets of a deceased person, also known as a decedent. If a decedent’s assets were owned with a spouse, they are not considered Probate since, upon death, the assets will go to the spouse. If assets were owned solely by the decedent, then they are considered Probate. Probate is necessary to transfer ownership to those individuals entitled to the assets under Florida law, after the decedent’s debts are paid. A Florida Probate may include:

  • Proving the decedent’s will is valid.

  • Identifying and preparing an inventory of the decedent’s property.

  • Determining the value of the decedent’s property.

  • Paying all debts owed and taxes due by the decedent.

  • Distributing any remaining property as the will or law dictates.

  • Paying attorney and court fees from the estate assets.

Serena Carroll can help family members navigate this process, answer any questions and mediate should any disputes arise. An experienced Fort Lauderdale Probate lawyer can advise you on the best course of action so that your family does not get lost in complex Florida Probate Law.

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In an emotional time of loss, let an experienced Fort Lauderdale Probate attorney help you track down the estate’s assets, deal with creditors and distribute assets to the proper beneficiaries. Contact Serena Carroll from The Carroll Law Firm at (954) 525-2050.