Fort Lauderdale Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning can be difficult and overwhelming. There are many decisions that need to be made and it is important to speak with a qualified estate planning attorney in order to get all the details right. Having your estate in order ensures that your assets will make a smooth transition to your loved ones after you die. Fort Lauderdale Estate Planning Attorney Serena Carroll can help you to create an effective estate plan.

You will need to create a will. A will is a document that, upon your death, transfers legal ownership of your property and assets to any beneficiaries you choose. Your will is also what dictates who will be the legal guardian of any minor children. It is essential that you have a will if you have valuable assets or minor children. If not, the decisions may be left to the court. Serena Carroll can help you draft your will and explain what kind of wills or trusts are right for your family.

You may also want to create a “living will.” This document provides health care directives should you become unable to make them yourself. It is important to discuss your medical treatment decisions with your family so that they are aware of your wishes should you ever want to be taken off life support.

You may also want to grant a close and trusted friend or family member financial power of attorney. This means that they would be able to make financial decisions on your behalf. Your Fort Lauderdale Estate Planning Attorney will be able to help you draft your power of attorney document and make sure that it will not take effect until you become incapacitated.

Finally, you can make your bank account “payable on death.” This means that ownership of your bank account will be transferred to your chosen beneficiaries upon your death.

Fort Lauderdale Estate Planning Lawyer Serena Carroll can help you in choosing your beneficiaries, planning care for your children and creating your funeral arrangements. Serena will also follow the terms of your will and explain the available options to your beneficiaries. Contact us at 954-525-2050 to speak with a Ft. Lauderdale Estate Planning Attorney today.