Family and money don’t go well, especially over child support

Child support is based upon a state child support guideline, taking into account the income from both parents. That income is then added together, and the guideline amount then divided between the parents based upon each parent’s income and the amount of time the child spends with each parent.   The child support guideline is  Continue Reading »

Having a Will May be the Best Gift You Can Give Your Family

Many people think a will is expensive and they do not know how to go about it.  If you do not, you could cost your family money, grief and maybe assets that could have been protected.   Initially contact an attorney for a consultation let them know what you have, and what you don’t.  The  Continue Reading »

Twelve Things Kids Say about Divorce But Are Afraid To Say – Huff Post Article April 20, 2014

In a family law practice where a divorce occurs and children are involved the most important emotional aspect should be helping clients to see that they are going to be the same family, in different households. As difficult as it can be, especially during the process and over the first year after the dissolution, utmost  Continue Reading »

Judge postpones decision on gay couple’s divorce in Hillsborough

A decision is pending in Hillsborough County on whether a same-sex couple has the right to divorce in the State of Florida, since the Florida Constitution does not recognized same sex marriage. Attorney Ellen Ware’s argument to the court was that granting a divorce would not violate the ban since it would erase the marriage.  Continue Reading »

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Conscious Uncoupling

This term may be new, but people who choose to live in two separate households but continue to be a family has long been known as an uncontested divorce. This is the concept where the parties put their families needs, especially their children’s needs first, realizing their feelings have changes but their children’s have not  Continue Reading »

Adoption Procedures in Florida

Adoption can be a wonderful opportunity to provide a loving home for a child that needs one. Adoption, however, is a process which can be long and extremely emotional. It is important to be aware of all the steps involved in adopting a child in the State of Florida. Consent In order for an adoption  Continue Reading »

Estate Planning and Your Online Accounts

In recent years, it has become increasingly common for people to digitally manage accounts online. It is quick and easy to pay bills, pay credit cards, make mortgage payments, do your banking and manage investments all on the internet. This makes it important for you to incorporate information regarding how you would like these accounts  Continue Reading »

How to Avoid Will Disputes

While most families do not have any serious disagreements regarding the will of a loved one, sometimes disputes do arise. Accordingly, there are some important steps you can take in order to minimize confusion and animosity between your family members over the wishes outlined in your will. It is very important that you carefully consider  Continue Reading »

What Can’t a Will Do?

While a will is a simple way to address your estate planning needs, there are certain things that it cannot do. For example, you cannot use your will to leave property you hold in joint tenancy with someone else. Upon your death, your share will automatically belong to the surviving co-owner. Any provision in your  Continue Reading »

What Records Should I Keep Regarding Alimony Payments?

If you are facing a divorce, you need to keep in mind that alimony payments may become part of your divorce agreement. Whether you will be required to pay alimony, or if you will be the one receiving it, there are important elements to remember and documents to keep. If you are ordered to pay  Continue Reading »